Bob Proctor’s Thoughts

“Every now and then I pick up a book I want to share with everyone I meet. I immediately felt connected to Cathy Lumsden’s book. As your eyes move down each page of this book you will see how you can quickly and dramatically improve your life. Cathy clearly explains transformational ideas, and then goes on to give powerful examples of how the ideas have worked for others. You will love where Cathy takes you, I could not put it down. Buy two and give one to your best friend.”

Bob Proctor
From the movie “The Secret’
Author of “You Were Born Rich”

Supporting Our Children Manage Their Anxiety

Where did those worry free days of childhood go? Where did those long summer days of lazing, playing and getting dirty go? Those days and times are still there for some children, but not for others. Anxiety and stress in children is becoming a serious topic of discussion due to the increasing numbers in our [...]

Is Your Coping Style The Need For Control?

Do you need to know what’s going to happen most of the time? Do you like to be prepared and dislike uncertainty? Do you like to be the boss? Why do we develop these needs? There is nothing right or wrong about these traits, it’s more about knowing that you may have a coping style [...]

Building Positive Memories With Your Families

Have you ever chased a rainbow or followed a sunset? If you have, it’s likely something you’ve never forgotten. If you have not, then you can begin building positive memories today! According to Alfred Adler, our memories are “windows of our soul.” By keeping happy, joyful memories alive and real, we can actually feel better [...]

Shrink To Fit

We all have coping styles and ‘Masks’ to help us thrive and survive daily. The beauty is, they were learned and consequently can be unlearned! I see people “playing small” in their lives by not contributing or feeling capable at work, in relationships and even with friends. These types of people may feel they have [...]

Are You A Love “Catcher”?

I had the pleasure of speaking to my spiritual mentor today and once again discovered different levels of awareness. I am blessed to have connected with this person. I shared experiences of being hurt and angry at certain individuals. Part of me felt guilty and judged myself for these feelings, “I shouldn’t be feeling these [...]

Perspective Taking – An Essential Tool for Life

Perspective Taking – An Essential Tool for Life The beauty of human beings is that we are all unique and different. How boring and monotonous life would be if we were all the same. One way that we humans differ, is that we have different perspectives, we see things in different ways and from different [...]

Brainsense Principle #2: Change up your Brainspeak

What pray tell is Brainspeak? It’s your negative chatterbox in your head that says such things as “he doesn’t think I’m sexy”, “she doesn’t appreciate me”, “I can never do anything right”, or “he thinks I’m fat”. Becoming aware of these false stories is the first step to NOT buying into them. Research has revealed [...]

Brainsense Principle #1

Apply the 80/20 Rule in Relationships Paul and Cindy had only been married for two-and-a-half years and they either argued incessantly, ignored each other for days and/or had make-up sex. They disagreed over money, parenting styles and their dreaded “in-laws”. After Paul and Cindy finished the self-assessment of their sabotaging behaviors and coping styles, we [...]

Wake up in 2014!

The decorations are gone, the lights are off for another year. Now it’s time to light up and wake up internally. You may ask, “what are you talking about?” More and more people are realizing that external items or events are temporary. Buying a new home or car is exciting and well worth your hours [...]

Bring Out The Kid in You

Hallowe’en is one of my favorite days. I can feel the excitement in the air October 31st! I just found out about a wonderful book by Danny Pettry to get you in the Hallowe’en spirit – New Halloween Activities Book (for Kids and Big Kids like You). Fun Entertainment. Zero Calories. Includes gift pack for [...]