New Book: Debugging Those Bad Thoughts

Purchase this book online! A story that provides an inspiring and motivating message to all — a book whose message is never forgotten. Imagine a world where children don’t believe their bad thoughts about themselves anymore! Debugging Those Bad Thoughts, guides both children and adults to manage the “bully” mind we all experience. Consequently, a […]

Bob Proctor’s Thoughts

“Every now and then I pick up a book I want to share with everyone I meet. I immediately felt connected to Cathy Lumsden’s book. As your eyes move down each page of this book you will see how you can quickly and dramatically improve your life. Cathy clearly explains transformational ideas, and then goes on to give powerful examples of how the ideas have worked for others. You will love where Cathy takes you, I could not put it down. Buy two and give one to your best friend.”

Bob Proctor
From the movie “The Secret’
Author of “You Were Born Rich”

Great day – PM Justin’s Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Praises ‘Debugging Those Bad Thought’s’


It’s You Not Me: Do You Project in Relationships?

Wife: “Honey, do you think I look fat in these pants?” Husband: “No, not at all dear.” Wife: “Yes you do, you just don’t want to admit it to me because you won’t get any sex!” Classic projection. The female thinks she’s fat therefore, she believes that her husband views her the same way. What […]

Playing Outside: A Lost Art

Driving leisurely in my car one day, I heard a commercial on the radio. Two kids were playing video games – click, click, click. Their conversation flowed something like this : Where’s Tom? He’s outside. What’s outside? I just about started to cry! Memories of my childhood flooded forward – playing hopscotch, skipping, tag, hunting […]

Unplug Your Fear of Failure

The Best Advice – Do You Secretly Fear Failure? “At anytime I still expect the no-talent police to come and get me” (Mike Mercer) Abby, the CEO of a small company, was sitting in my office, shaking her head and sobbing, “How did I get to this point”? She had built a successful company over […]

Helping Children Manage Challenging Situations With Their Teachers

“We see things not as they are, but as we are.” -The Talmud How many times in your child’s school career have you heard, “I hate my teacher” or “my teacher is so mean.” Most children at some point in their lives utter their frustrations about school and/or their teachers. Common reactions from parents to […]

Understanding and Managing Inter-Generational Beliefs Over the Holidays

How do you want your children to be when they grow up? When we ask ourselves this question, we often articulate that we want our children to be cooperative, responsible, self-confident, happy, healthy, successful people. A well known psychiatrist, Dr. Gnott, sums this poignant question up to a “T”. We want our offspring to be […]

The Drama of Conflict in Families

During our lives we are constantly in relationships with our partners, children, friends and families. How successful we are in these relationships depends on our ability to know and understand ourselves. Each and every one of us have core beliefs we developed as children. Some of these beliefs are positive and some are self-limiting. Often […]

Using Both Joy and Pain To Grow In All Relationships (published in Wanderlust Life Digital Mag)

Imagine if relationships were just vehicles to assist you in your spiritual evolution? Imagine if you could fall in love with where you are in your life and in your relationships? When I pondered these two magnificent questions my whole life paradigm shifted and I had one of those “aha” moments. Many of us desire […]

Creating Movement and Change Through the Use of Early Memories

On the occasion of our 35th Anniversary, we present: Creating Movement and Change through the Use of Early Memories Adlerian Strategies  Clinical Demonstrations  Useful Applications An afternoon of workshops for psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, physicians, psychologists, educators, clergy, and others interested in learning to effectively apply Adlerian theory and practice in their work […]