2015 Summer Solstice – Celebration of the True Self

19 June 2015 by , No Comments

Welcome to Summer Solstice 2015! An exciting time of shedding your false self (the self who believes your negative self-talk), and align with the intelligence of Life/God/Source, or your Higher Self.

Multitudes of people are searching for this enlightenment. We begin to realize that losing weight, spending/saving money, new house, relationships or cars only give us temporary happiness. We search for meaning and purpose in our lives, however, many of us don’t know what we’re looking for. When we are experiencing loss, dealing with tragedies and pain, we often escape into external aids such as alcohol/drugs, sex/pornography, work, etc. It’s difficult to face the feelings when they’re so intense.

When you say “yes” to a deeper purpose, the yearning you feel deep inside to know why you’re here on this planet, at this time in evolution – you will begin to see signs and opportunities. These signs have always been there – we have been asleep and unable to see them. Ask, know, trust and be grateful! It doesn’t happen instantaneously for most of us, Many times I didn’t have a clue what the next step was. I had to learn to trust the process.

My life has been full of tragedies and losses, joys and exhilarating experiences. As I’ve evolved, I’ve learned that all of these experiences assisted me in connecting with that deep yearning to be my authentic True Self.

According to physics, we are all vibrating particles. As we become our authentic Selves we vibrate at a higher level. Saying yes to knowing your higher spiritual potential benefits the whole world. Perhaps, it’s our responsibility as a human to do our part in moving our planet forward.

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