Are You A Love “Catcher”?

23 January 2014 by , No Comments

I had the pleasure of speaking to my spiritual mentor today and once again discovered different levels of awareness. I am blessed to have connected with this person. I shared experiences of being hurt and angry at certain individuals. Part of me felt guilty and judged myself for these feelings, “I shouldn’t be feeling these feelings if I’m on a healing spiritual journey!”. Well, given that we’re all human we are going to experience a range of feelings – support, love, anger, excitement, ecstasy. My mentor gently said, “remember when you are hurt or angry at someone, it’s really not about them; their words may have triggered an old hurt or limiting belief that you’re useless, not good enough or undeserving. Feel the feelings and they will dissipate. Know what hurt has been triggered and be compassionate to yourself.”

Years ago when I first heard these words I was livid. I felt that I’d be excusing their behavior. How dare they treat me this way! or I must deserve it, what’s wrong with me. Eeek!

When I was able to turn it back to me, my wounds and heal, I became neutral and could decide if I needed to address this or let it pass.
Then I have the presence of mind to become a love catcher – receive and transmit love in this world; free of ego and blame. Another time will surface; the Universe and I co-create experiences to be the Cathy I truly am.

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