Embracing Your Divine Feminine

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Begin Spring 2021 by gifting yourself with a unique opportunity to Embrace Your Divine Feminine.
This program is dedicated to those who wish to harness their personal power and focus, in addition to their creative energy and passion.

Through the lens of the six archetypes of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, the Queen, the Priestess, the Warrioress, the Lover and the Wise Woman, you will have the opportunity to cultivate strategies, tools and techniques which deepen your connection to yourself and how you wish to ‘BE’ in the world.

It is clearly a time for all of us to elevate the Divine Feminine Energy, an energy which is the path to healing much of what is happening in the world today. This is your opportunity to understand your contribution and how you wish to navigate the waters of your future.

This Program will run weekly for eight weeks beginning
Wednesday, April 21th, 2021
from 12 to 1:15 pm.

Your Facilitators:
Cathy Lumsden, Coach and Registered Psychotherapist, MSc
Betty Healey, Adult Educator, Coach and Facilitator, MEd., CAPP

$150 (+HST)

Number of Participants
This program is limited to 10 participants, first come first serve. Your place is reserved with payment (e-transfer)

Registration: betty@roadSIGNS.ca


Being able to connect with other similar minded ‘spirits’ was a great reminder that we are not alone, we are not perfect but when we come together the imperfections, we see in ourselves are usually not what others see.  The archetypes of the divine feminine were perfect platforms to discover or re-discover some of my strengths and reinforced the need to practice.

Each week I felt like I had revelations and discovered more important things about myself…..  I loved the HomePlay so much I probably went overboard with some of it.

I learned to acknowledge the different divine feminine sides and the shadows of each side, as well as how to rewire our brain with brain spotting.

A significant takeaway would be recognizing that I do in fact know myself pretty well, but understanding the different roles within that I have is helpful in knowing when to take a stand and fight, or when to step back and reflect, or when to allow self-compassion.

Most helpful was stepping into my warrior energy. Feeling powerful about who I am and
what my beliefs are.

I think it’s significant to recognize that no matter where we live geographically, or what age we are or what our backgrounds are, we all have a common thread between us that seeks knowledge, support, understanding and spiritual growth. 

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