Understanding and Managing Inter-Generational Beliefs Over the Holidays

How do you want your children to be when they grow up? When we ask ourselves this question, we often articulate that we want our children to be cooperative, responsible, self-confident, happy, healthy, successful people. A well known psychiatrist, Dr. Gnott, sums this poignant question up to a “T”. We want our offspring to be […]

The Drama of Conflict in Families

During our lives we are constantly in relationships with our partners, children, friends and families. How successful we are in these relationships depends on our ability to know and understand ourselves. Each and every one of us have core beliefs we developed as children. Some of these beliefs are positive and some are self-limiting. Often […]

Using Both Joy and Pain To Grow In All Relationships (published in Wanderlust Life Digital Mag)

Imagine if relationships were just vehicles to assist you in your spiritual evolution? Imagine if you could fall in love with where you are in your life and in your relationships? When I pondered these two magnificent questions my whole life paradigm shifted and I had one of those “aha” moments. Many of us desire […]

Creating Movement and Change Through the Use of Early Memories

On the occasion of our 35th Anniversary, we present: Creating Movement and Change through the Use of Early Memories Adlerian Strategies  Clinical Demonstrations  Useful Applications An afternoon of workshops for psychotherapists, counsellors, social workers, physicians, psychologists, educators, clergy, and others interested in learning to effectively apply Adlerian theory and practice in their work […]

Resilience: A Necessary Skill

As September creeps upon us many people have mixed emotions about the ending of summer. Some individuals love getting back to routines and schedules while others dread it. When I was in high school and university I would be the one with the varied feelings. I am learning with age that I can experience a […]

Supporting Our Children In Managing Their Anxiety

Where did those worry free days of childhood go? Where did those long summer days of lazing, playing and getting dirty go? Those days and times are still there for some children, but not for others. Anxiety and stress in children is becoming a serious topic of discussion due to the increasing numbers in our […]

The Essence of Positive Parenting

The moment our children take their first breath in this world, all of our dreams and aspirations for their lives blossom. The first look into their wondrous eyes fills parents with unexplainable joy. In addition, many parents feel fear as everything is new and they feel uncertain about their parenting capabilities. No matter how much […]

2015 Summer Solstice – Celebration of the True Self

Welcome to Summer Solstice 2015! An exciting time of shedding your false self (the self who believes your negative self-talk), and align with the intelligence of Life/God/Source, or your Higher Self. Multitudes of people are searching for this enlightenment. We begin to realize that losing weight, spending/saving money, new house, relationships or cars only give […]

Summer Solstice – Return to Wholeness

Are you feeling lost? Are you dealing with uncertainty or feeling your life has no purpose? We all experience these feelings at different times in our lives. I believe these feelings push us to getting answers. These feelings have a definite purpose. In celebration of Summer Solstice, I’m offering a free 15 minute conversation to […]

Let’s Give Boys Hope

It takes a village to raise a child. So what’s happening to our boys? Where are we failing as a society? I don’t have the answers however I am deeply concerned. Two years ago I went to my eldest’s daughter university graduation. Her father shockingly said, “where are all the males?” Statistics show that females […]