Seek, Find and Embrace Hope…in a world experiencing Pandora’s Box

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Our world is a pandora’s box right now. Pain, anguish, grief and depression are paramount. Do you find yourself, at times, feeling hopeless and anxious about the future? Many people across the world are experiencing a Pandora’s box of epic chaos.

Remember though, hope was also in Pandora’s Box, along with all the chaos, fears and darkness that seem to be running amuck right now on our planet. This has led me to the creation of an interactive webinar to reconnect with your Hope in a community of like-hearted women.

When you feel hopeless, you may ask:

“What’s the point?”, “Who am I?”, “What’s next?”

Throughout my career as a psychotherapist, I’ve heard many people ask these questions – including myself at various times in my life. Many of us are yearning for belonging and a community so that we can seek and re-embrace hope. Good news is that we all have hope ingrained within our DNA! In times like 2020 it almost seems impossible to unearth it.  

“Longing is in the root of belonging. Longing for our soul desires. It is the piercing ache in the heart that knows there is more than this” (Toko-Pa Turner)

As you reconnect to your hope, you become whole, peaceful and authentic. Self-compassion and self-acceptance blossom as we magnify these qualities and feelings. We shine brighter in this world…which is what we all NEED right now.

Would you love to reconnect and bring hope outside of Pandora’s Box once again?  Would you love to be alive, to be fully alive and experience inner freedom and inner fulfillment?

Is it possible? Yes, absolutely!

Let’s build a community of like-hearted women together in order to:

  • Cultivate and connect to your hope and support each other on this spiritual journey called life
  • Experience the freedom of dealing with uncertainty by re-connecting and deepening your relationship with your own Divine Self which ultimately touches all relationships in your life
  • Educate and expand your hope through various modalities
  • Create a safe place to share, listen and just BE.

The group will consist of approximately eight women. A smaller group allows us to nurture belonging, trust and creates a safe place to share, listen and just BE. Confidentiality amongst the members is priority.

When: Thursday January 21 to Thursday March 11, 2021 (every Thursday evening for 8 weeks)

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Where: online zoom

Facilitator: Cathy Lumsden, Registered Psychotherapist

Fees: $106 plus hst = $119.78

Any questions please email me at

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