Shrink To Fit

25 January 2014 by , No Comments

We all have coping styles and ‘Masks’ to help us thrive and survive daily. The beauty is, they were learned and consequently can be unlearned!

I see people “playing small” in their lives by not contributing or feeling capable at work, in relationships and even with friends. These types of people may feel they have nothing to say or no ideas to contribute to conversations. Some may believe that others will judge or criticize if they speak up…so they shrink to fit the situation. On a long term basis, this is a recipe for disaster – not only for you, for your relationships as well.

Alternatively, there are others who take up tons of space. These people may talk or ramble incessantly, interrupt and or constantly direct the conversation back to themselves. Interestingly, these behaviors may be coming from anxiety, ignorance or narcissism.

Quick Brainsense Tip:

every person is a unique piece of a puzzle which
makes up the Universe. Now imagine that each piece
is connected, influenced, and dependent on all the
others. Allowing our coping styles or self-judgement and fears to affect our communication with others affects the whole puzzle
and throws everything out of alignment.

In order to complete the puzzle it is necessary that
your part of the puzzle fits in place. You have a purpose and reason why you’re here… align with who you really
are and your puzzle piece fits into the big Universal
puzzle… the way it is suppose to!

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