Debugging those bad thoughts

Debugging Those Bad Thoughts

A story that provides an inspiring and motivating message to all — a book whose message is never forgotten.
Imagine a world where children don’t believe their bad thoughts about themselves anymore! Debugging Those Bad Thoughts, guides both children and adults to manage the “bully” mind we all experience. Consequently, a world where children are resilient, creative, strong and humane evolves.

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Debugging Those Bad Thoughts Manual

Debugging Those Bad Thoughts Manual has fun, practical games and activities to assist children in ‘debugging those bad thoughts.’
Through these activities children learn to:

  • change thought patterns,
  • manage stress and anxiety,
  • reduce fear of mistakes and failure,
  • build resilience, and
  • relax/meditation.

For example, pin the tail on Blackatron is an enjoyable way to shrink the villian who wants kids to think bad thoughts.

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The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You…

Was because she didn’t know. Plain and simple… we do what we know. We learn about romantic relationships not only from our mothers, but also from our fathers, relatives, teachers and society. Now is the time to create the relationship you desire in the 21st centry.
After more than 25 years of counselling over 100,000 clients, Cathy Lumsden offers new hope and advice for individuals seeking healthy relationships.

Discover How To:

  • Understand why things work and why things didn’t work through exercises and example
  • Quickly identify old, problematic behaviors and patterns
  • Stop reacting and start responding in order to feel heard and understood
  • Devise a step-by-step action plan using the five powerful Brainsense Principles
  • Decrease divorce by reducing anger and frustration
  • Deepen and rekindle partnerships

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