What Others Are Saying About Cathy and Her Work

The Best Advice Your Mother Never Gave You

“Every now and then I pick up a book I want to share with everyone I meet. I immediately felt connected to Cathy Lumsden’s book. As your eyes move down each page of this book you will see how you can quickly and dramatically improve your life. Cathy clearly explains transformational ideas, and then goes on to give powerful examples of how the ideas have worked for others. You will love where Cathy takes you, I could not put it down. Buy two and give one to your best friend.”

Bob Proctor
From the movie “The Secret”
Author of “Born To Be Rich”


“Just look at the cover. What looks so perfect; the pearls, the gloves, the corseted waist, the Barbara Billingsley hairstyle and smile, is anything but. In an era when far too many marriages are failing, it’s time for a book like this that gives tremendous incite into how ALL relationships can succeed…with a little help from Cathy Lumsden.”

Jeffrey Pohlman
Senior Producer, CNBC TV


“Cathy self-assessment tools and Brainsense Principles were extremely refreshing and valuable to me. The coping styles she outlined gave me a piece of essential wisdom and I suspect others will agree. Cathy’s use of real life examples in her writing makes this book both believable and helpful.”

Carol Ann Cole C.M (Order of Canada)
Author of “If I Knew Then What I Know Now”; “Lessons Learned Upside the Head”; “Comfort Heart”


“Brainwave entrainment is fantastic for anybody, but particularly for those of us who have a difficult time meditating.  This is an easy way to achieve stress reduction for people who lead intense lives!”

Dr. Kelly Norman
Back in Balance Chiropractic www.backinbalancechiro.ca


“When anxiety starts to get the better of me, and my thought process devolves into counter-productive thoughts, I find taking 20 minutes to recharge with these recordings on my mp3 player is an effective method to regain composure. Afterwards, I am much more relaxed and focused, with more productive energy.”

Recently laid off high tech worker


If you have ever met me in person, you’d know I am an “energetic” person. I don’t find it easy to sit still and relax. Yet, as a psychotherapist I know all too well the critical importance of staving off stress if I am to maintain my mental and physical health.

Meditation, mindfulness training and reaching a state of “flow” have become well accepted mainstream ideas now that brain research has validated what humans have long known and practiced for centuries.

What is new however, is research that the brain wave patterns associated with relaxing can be induced through auditory stimulation. Yup – I can listen to a series of clicks and clacks at specific frequencies ( 8 – 13 hz for alpha brain waves associated with mediative states) with headphones and my brain can be taken to a relax state for me! No yogi training needed. This is called brainwave entrainment and it a god-send for parents and children a like. If you think you maybe are a short wicked type of person who tends to snap at your kids or partners, why not try Cathy’s brainwave entrainment audios. She has the full explanation of the brain research as well as the downloadable tracks to your MP3 player (or order a DVD). Amazing results!!! Check it out.

Alyson Schafer
Parenting Show – www.alyson.ca


Listening to Cathy’s CD is a treat I give myself when I want to relax deeply and feel rejuvenated! The gentle pulsing soothes my tired brain and it feels like my soul is being massaged!

Tanis Day PhD
Healer, teacher, author of “The Whole You”


Restorative Sleep: A Sound Solution

I’ve had trouble sleeping for most of my life. Anxiety haunted my waking hours and when it was time to rest, it seemed it was open season in my subconscious. The worst nightmares imaginable played through my mind until I would wake sweating and screaming. By using e-brainsense audios before bed and combining them with a restructuring of limiting beliefs, I was able to quiet the thoughts and feelings raging through my mind. Finally, I could rest at night rather than waking to feel more exhausted than before I had gone to bed. Learning to relax and access my inner resources is a lesson and a journey I will embark upon with joy for the rest of my life.

Entrepreneur (Ottawa Canada)


“Cathy Lumsden’s audio programs are outstanding. The expert care given to balancing sound, music and voice is evident from the first moment you hear them. Her voice is so soothing and the music so beautifully done that relaxation is instantaneous and effortless. Within seconds I actually felt my body relax and my mind quiet down — almost as though a switch had been thrown. And they are so intelligently scripted: the words and phrases Cathy uses to guide us into (and beyond) a meditative state have deep meaning and impact. Inner Wisdom and Deep Relaxation are easily among the best audios I’ve heard of this kind.”

Puran Perez
Sufi teacher, writer, musician.


“I love these audios!  The results are incredible.  I’ve tried other similar audios but none of them helped me relax or tap into my inner wisdom more than this brainwave technology.  I highly recommend these to anyone who would like to increase their productivity, while feeling completely at ease and joyful.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Best Selling Author


“I have been going to Cathy for a number of years on and off. Cathy was able to gently and successfully lead me to my own answers and help me to accept and make peace with my past. She is a knowledgeable and incredibly competent therapist. I have recommended her to a number of my friends who also found her to be effective in helping them to deal with emerging and difficult life issues.”

Fund Raising Campaign Director


“I was referred to Cathy Lumsden because I was experiencing a severe depression due to work related and home life factors. I felt that I had lost the balance to my life and that one side of the scale had hit bottom. Cathy was able to use her professional skills most effectively to help me to put life’s stressors in better perspective. She used positive methods to focus on my strengths, and made me re-evaluate past misgivings. Through her objective and encouraging therapetutic approach,she provided me with the inner tools to learn to deal with, but not dwell on difficult situations.”

Elementary school teacher


“As someone dealing with the frustration of an unknown illness and self-esteem issues, I found sessions with Cathy Lumsden invaluable. Her support in helping me deal with my emotions through various techniques, from discussions to visualization to EMDR to her Brainsense techniques, show her genuine commitment to using and developing tools to help her patients both during and outside of office sessions.”

Senior Economist